Are You a WordPress Blogger? Show Your Appreciation!

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Show your appreciation for your blogging platform by wearing a WordPress 10th Anniversary T-shirtIf your marketing platform is based on a WordPress blog, show your appreciation by wearing a WordPress 10th Anniversary t-shirt.

WordPress is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 27, 2013!

Between now and May 27th, WordPress is offering a special 10th Anniversary t-shirt for just $10!

The t-shirts are available for men and women in black and silvery gray in a variety of sizes. (The silvery gray makes sense since the appropriate because the traditional gift for 10th anniversaries is tin or aluminum.)

We tend to take WordPress for granted

WordPress is such a familiar part of so many of our lives that we take it for granted.

Many of us created our first serious online platforms with WordPress. It seems like just yesterday that WordPress offered the ability to create pages as well as blog posts.

Whether you’re using WordPress for content marketing, social marketing, or blogging a book, show your appreciation to WordPress by proudly wearing their 10th Anniversary t-shirt!

How long have you been using WordPress?

Share your landmark WordPress experiences, like the date of your first post, or the day you received your first comment, as well as the number of WordPress blog posts you’ve created, as comments below. (This is my 1,469th published post on this blog!) You can also ask your questions about blogging with WordPress on my End-of-April free book coaching call, today, August 30, at 4:00 PM EST. Plan to attend!

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