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C101 Mission Statements shows how book can help make books easy to writeTo save time writing a nonfiction book, choose a title, like Jeffrey Abrahams’ 101 Mission Statements from Top Companies.

Subtitled, Plus Guidelines for Writing Your Own Mission Statement, this is an example of a type of book that provides a structure for selecting and organizing your ideas and efficiently writing your book.

Writing this type of book, once you identify the ideas, or–in this case–the mission statements, you’re ready to start writing!

101 Mission Statements is also an ideal format for blogging your book while writing it.

Structuring your message

101 Mission Statements is efficiently organized into two parts. You can examine its table of contents and sample pages by visiting and clicking the Look Inside! icon attached to the cover:

  • Part 1: How to Use this Resource. This section provides a concise overview of the role of mission statements, target audiences, suggested keywords, and a step-by-step process for for creating mission statements.
  • Part 2: The Companies And Their Statements. The 101 mission statements follow, presented in alphabetical order. Each statement includes a one or two-page discussion of the key ideas in the mission statement, and concludes with a summary of the business and its address.

Ideal for blogging a book

Like many book titles profiled in recent blog posts, see How to Choose the Right Title for Blogging a Book, 101 Mission Statements is an ideal format for blogging a book.

Blogging a book helps you save time writing and publishing a book because it helps you pace you writing progress and helps keep you on schedule.

Instead of a few, easily-procrastinated major deadlines, blogging a book replaces a big project with numerous, shorter, easily-completed tasks.

Progress comes quickly, when you have a structure for your daily writing, and you don’t have to write that many words about each topic. With a simple structure like 101 Mission Statements, even busy entrepreneurs and self-employed professional should be able to find the time to prepare two or three highly-focused and structured blog posts a week!

Working from an alphabetical list of firms with meaningful mission statements will also contribute to consistent productivity. Your enthusiasm and motivation will gain strength the further along you get in the alphabetical list.

How to learn more about time-saving titles

To find out more about choosing nonfiction book titles, take a look at my #Book Title Tweet: 140 Bite-sized Ideas for Compelling Article, Book, and Event Titles.

In addition, you’re invited to attend my April End-of-month Book Coaching Call on Tuesday, April 30, at 4:00 PM EST. All Published & Profitable friends are invited. There is no charge to attend, and you’re invited to ask your questions are choosing book titles, blogging a book, choosing topics, or marketing your books.

Share your comments and concerns

Share your impressions and questions about writing a book after you visit 101 Mission Statements on and reviewing its table of contents and sample pages.  Does this book change your perception of what’s involved in writing a book or blogging a book? Does this book title approach suggest any ideas or topics for you? Share your comments and questions, below!

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