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Posted February 2nd @ 6:35 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Titles play a crucial role in the success of your books, ebooks, and content marketing white papers.

Choosing the right title is Job #1 for authors and content marketers. Your titles have to immediately engage your reader’s attention and communicate the value of words.

Here are some resources for you to use for learning more about choosing titles and reviewing your current and future book and ebook title choices:

  1. Presentation. This recent SlideShare presentation reviews the 7 key characteristics of title success and includes dozens of book covers that illustrate the 7 keys.
  2. Article & checklist. My recent article for the Content Marketing Institute blog, Write the Best Titles for Content Marketing, includes a 10-point Title Scorecard you down download and print to use evaluating your titles.
  3. Book. For a concise, look at 140 book title ideas, examples, and tips, check out #BookTitle_Tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Compelling Article, Book, and Event Titles. This is the first book about choosing nonfiction titles for books and content marketing.

Free Book Title Coaching call

Ask your questions about choosing book and ebook covers by attending a free Published & Profitable book coaching call, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, at 4:00 PM Eastern.  I’ll be reviewing the essentials of titles for writing and content marketing success and answering your questions about about choosing and testing book titles. The call is open to all Published & Profitable friends and members. To attend, just call 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391#. What do you want to know about book titles? Share your questions, below, as comments.

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