Damn Good Creative Advice for Content Marketers and Authors

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George Lois’s Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!) offers content marketers and authors an instant jolt of creativity for under $10.

George Lois’s Damn Good Advice is the perfect quick pick-me-up for content marketers, copywriters, graphic designers, and authors looking for jolts of ideas about creativity and personal productivity.

One of the original models for TV’s Mad Men series, George Lois has been breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries of creativity on Madison Avenue for decades.

A self-described “cultural provocateur,” George Lois tells it like it is, in 120 concise insights, lessons, and observations, delivered at breakneck speed in (usually) 1-paragraph chunks.


The format of short text blocks, often one to a page, or 2-page spread, accompanied by relevant graphics and reproductions of his most famous advertisements, creates a dynamic reading environment–an excitement, a confidence, and–in my case–a desire to return to my project with fresh ideas and greater enthusiasm.

Every page reinforces George Lois’s signature style which fuses copywriting and art direction into “in your face” advertisements, billboards, book covers, and posters.

Advice and perspectives

Topics covered include:

  • The stories behind many of America’s most effective advertisements
  • Tips for dealing with unreasonable (read “inflexible”) bosses and clients
  • The importance of constantly doing your best
  • Why your confidence is as important as your talent
  • Why neither words or graphics, by themselves, are enough

My experience

Many times I’ve gone to Barnes & Noble for creative inspiration…and ended up spending the better part of $10 in the cafeteria.

Today, I spent the same $10 on Damn Good Advice and received infinitely more value. I took home a book which inspired me, relaxed me, and gave me the creative jolt I needed to help a client redesign their blog. After reading less than 20% of Damn Good Advice, I returned to work re-energized, with two fresh content marketing design solutions that came to me while I was reading Damn Good Advice. And, I still have over 70 more pages to read!

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