Tips for Choosing a Title to Successfully Blog a Book

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The title you choose when blogging a book plays a big role in your book’s success.

Writing a book as a series of blog posts is the most efficient way to get published. Blogging a book makes it easy to market and promote your book while you’re writing it.

More important, blogging a book provides breaks a big, easily put-off, task with a distant deadline into a series of short, attainable tasks with weekly deadlines.

The result? You’re you’re more likely to finish your book on time!

Choose book titles that create a structure

Look for a book title that provides a structure for writing your book as a series of short, self-contained chapters.

Today’s readers are in a hurry. They appreciate numerous short, focused, self-contained chapters containing practical advice that can be read in 5 or 10 minute increments before going to sleep, while commuting, or between appointments.

Looks for topics you can address in 2 to 6 page chapters; these make the best candidates for blogging a book.

Scott Parker’s (no relation) Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions: Professional Secrets for a Winning Website provides an excellent example of a book topic you can write as a series of blog posts.

  • Each page addresses a single topic. This focuses your reader’s attention on a single idea or principle, its relevance, and how to apply the information.
  • Limited space leads to better writing. When writing to a one-page-per-chapter format, you tend to write better because you don’t have to “fill up a lot of space.” As a result, it’s easier to get started. In addition, the limited space encourages you to edit your ideas to the bone, in order to make everything fit.
  • Selective graphics. Books like The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions also tend to be visually interesting because the limited space available for graphics forces authors to be selective in the visuals they add to reinforce the text. The results, however, can be strikingly, as you’ll see from the book’s Look Inside! Feature.

Tips for successful book titles

Traditionally, the best nonfiction book titles have been described in terms of:

  • Descriptive
  • Benefit-oriented
  • Specific
  • Targeted
  • Concise
  • Positioned
  • Alliterative

Now, at a time when books often first appear as a series of blog posts, it’s equally important that book titles create an obvious framework for writing the book, based on Ideas, Rules, Questions, Recommendations, Tips, and Things that other title ideas I’ve described in previous blog posts in this series.

Are you ready to blog a book?

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For more book and content marketing examples, ideas, and tips, plus a downloadable Title Evaluation Scorecard, check out, Write the Best Titles for Content Marketing: A Ten-Point Checklist. Share your questions and suggestions about book titles and blogging a book below, as comments.

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