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If you’re looking for ideas for blogging a book, take a good look at Don McArt’s The Mental Makeover, a Kindle ebook with important lessons for all.

When blogging a book, it’s crucial that you choose the right title. Look for a title that lends itself to short, frequent chapters that you address in short, frequent writing sessions.

Previous examples include:

Alphabet books, i.e., containing 26 short chapters, one for each letter of the alphabet.

99 Question books describing the key questions your clients and prospects need to address

101 Ideas that Changed books that prove your subject area expertise.

A weekly approach to blogging a book

The Mental Makeover: Kick Your ‘Buts’ Goodbye! introduces another structure for blogging a book success…writing a book with 52 chapters based on 52 ideas!

The 52-idea framework is masterful! It offers readers a framework for continuous self-improvement, based on reviewing one idea per week.

Knowing that each chapter can be reviewed in less than 2 minutes, readers can budget 15 or 20-minutes a week to rereading the book and looking for ways to apply each of the 52 ideas to their weekly activities.

This keeps the book out of the bookshelves and keeps it on the reader’s desk or bedside table where it can do the most good.

The 52-idea also makes the book easier for the author to write as a series of weekly blog posts!

Once the 52 ideas have been identified, authors now have an editorial calendar for their weekly blog posts…and the confidence that–at the end of the year–they will become a published author!

Express publishing

Even better, an author can easily accelerate their publishing program by creating two block posts a week–permitting them to finish their book in just 6 months!

Essence of publishing success

The essence of self-publishing success is to finish your book as efficiently as possible. Complicated books that never get finished don’t contribute to their author’s success.

By permitting you to write your book as a series of 26, 52, 99, or 101 short topics is the key to writing and blogging success.

It’s easy to procrastinate when you think about writing ten or twelve 20-page chapters.

But, it’s a lot easier to plan and write when you think in terms of 2 or 3 page topics that you can address in 1 or 2 pages of word-processed copy, written as independent blog posts.

Learn more about blogging a book

There are 2 ways you can learn more about blogging a book:

John will describe the decisions he made, and the steps he took, formatting and laying out Don McArt’s Mental Makeover for the Amazon Kindle.

John will also discuss how he promoted–and continues to promote–The Mental Makeover, including giving it away for free for 5 days!

Note: if you have an Kindle account, you may want to download the free Mental Makeover sample before the call to get a better idea of its structure.

How to attend this free book coaching call

Attend Published & Profitable free book coaching call, Tuesday, January 22, at 4 PM Eastern. Listen as John Lawlor and I discuss the steps involved in Kindle ebook publishing and promotion, plus the advantages of the “52-week” book format. Get valuable insights into Kindle publishing and answers to your questions about writing, publishing, and blogging a book. To attend, simply call 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391#.

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