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Learn how to create your own author one sheets by downloading copies of Bill Branson’s book marketing materials for his Time Management Tweets.

One sheets are single-page documents promoting self-published books and speaking topics. One sheets are usually distributed online as downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

They’re also perfect email attachments for everyday correspondence and great companions for press releases announcing your book.

When appropriate, you can also easily print one sheets for distribution at speeches and workshops.

Author one sheet options

One of the best ways to learn how to create your own author one sheets is to download and study examples of the one sheets Bill Branson created for promoting his Time Management Tweets.

Click here to download the 1-sided, one page one-sheet “announcement,”shown above.

You can also download and study the 2-sided version of Bill’s one sheet which provides more information about the book’s context (i.e., why it was written and who can benefit from reading it) as well as its contents and highlights from Bill’s career.

Notice that all versions carefully reflect the brand created by the cover of Time Management Tweets and carried forward on Bill Branson’s website. However, there are subtle differences in emphasis between the versions.

To learn more

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Please share your one sheet questions and your favorite examples of author one sheets, below, as comments.

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