More Content Marketing Ideas for Blogging Your Book

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The ideal topic for writing a book during 2013 is one you can write, one content marketing blog post at a time!

The secret to successfully blogging a book is to choose a topic you can address as a series of frequent content marketing blog posts, podcasts, or videos.

Writing your book as a series of blog posts is the best approach for busy authors, content marketers, and self-employed professionals.

One of the best examples for blogging a book is Matthew Frederick’s 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School.

It’s the perfect model for blogging a book because you can simultaneously:

  • Write your book in a series of short, frequent writing sessions
  • Build your author platform and content marketing visibility
  • Create advance demand and enthusiasm for your book
  • Create the habit of daily writing and progress

Learn by doing

Writing your book as a series of individual blog posts addresses the two huge obstacles to writing success; procrastination and the often-paralyzing stress caused by upcoming deadlines.

Instead of having a few, easily put-off major deadlines, blogging a book provides you with a series of shorter, easier-to-start and complete deadlines.

It’s a lot easier to start and finish a weekly deadline that only requires 5 or 6 paragraphs than it is to address a far-off deadline that involves finishing 4 or 5 twenty-five page chapters!

Short, frequent deadlines make it easier to start and finish small tasks, building the habit of daily writing progress.

Blogging a book title example 101 things to Learn in Art School Ideas for blogging a book

The power of the learned in school approach is that you can adapt it for just about any profession or field.

You can also adapt it to introduce important topics that your readers can learn in the future, as described in 101 Things to Learn in Art School.

Here are other recent Published & Profitable blog post topics describing book titles that lend themselves to blogging a book:

Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book remains the definitive guide to blogging a book. Learn more in this detailed first-person case study guest post by Nina Amir.

Are you going to blog a book during 2013?

Hopefully, these examples have encouraged you to look for ways you can write a book as a series of content marketing blog posts during 2013. Do any of the above ideas resonate with you? Share your ideas and questions about blogging a book as comments, below. Or, contact me for help blogging your book!

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