How to Save $200 while Mastering Content Marketing

Posted December 13th @ 6:30 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

I thought I had read it wrong…that–as a partner & presenter–I could help you save $200.00 registering for the Marketing Profs University’s Content Marketing Crash Course.

Imagine…a content marketing crash course taught by leading content marketing experts, like Ann Handley, Joe Puluzzi, Robert Rose,  and others (including me)…a program you can watch over and over again during 2013.

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of content marketing

The Content Marketing Crash Course provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of content marketing–information that can change the way you market your business, taking your brand and your business or association to the next level. Topics include:

  • INSPIRATION: The Daring Brand’s Guide to Creating Content Worth Sharing
  • STRATEGY: Content Strategy 101: Building the Framework
  • CURATION: The What, Why, and How of Content Curation
  • SEARCH: Optimizing Your Content for Search
  • SOCIAL: Creating Share-Worthy Content
  • EXPERIENCE: 10 Things Content Marketers Must Do to Create a Unique Buyer Experience
  • MOBILE: Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content
  • C-SUITE: Selling Content Marketing to the C-Suite
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: B2B Thought Leadership: How Much Do You Know?
  • VISUAL: The Power of Infographics
  • WRITING: Content Writing Best Practices from a Brand Journalist
  • PODCASTING: Podcasting and the Power of Audio
  • OVERVIEW: The State of Content Marketing Address (and a Look Ahead)

Where do I fit in?

My segment addresses the importance of creating a Content Marketing Idea Dashboard. My goal is to help you track the good ideas that are all around you…just waiting for you to put to good use them in your own marketing.

Each session includes videos, transcripts, and hand-outs. There are 3 bonus sessions from previous Marketing Profs sessions viewable on demand at your convenience.

Start your journey to content marketing success today!

Register for the Marketing Prof’s Content Marketing Crash Course today to begin your journey to content marketing success. Learn from content marketing’s leading experts and practitioners. Learn at your own pace, without travel costs or delays. You can review each course as often as desired during 2013. Be sure you enter my special promotion code, PPVIP, on the registration page when registering to take advantage of my special instructor’s courtesy discount.

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