Looking for Ideas for Blogging a Book During 2013?

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If you’re looking for a practical way to blog a book during 2013, consider an alphabet book.

Blogging a book is the best way to write a book because it breaks the project into a series of smaller tasks with weekly deadlines. This keep you on schedule as you build interest in your book.

When blogging a book, however, the title concept is crucial. The right title makes it easy to create your book’s table of contents.

Title ideas for blogging a book

Some titles are especially suited to blogging a book. I recently wrote about two, The Laws of LA and 100 Ideas that Changed Photography.

Both provide a framework for blogging and publishing a book that builds your brand.

Doug Patt’s How to Architect is an example of a third approach to blogging a book, alphabet books. As you can see from the book’s table of contents on Amazon.com, there’s a chapter for every letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet books

If you’re a mystery lover, you’re probably already familiar with Sue Grafton’s bestselling series, which began with A is for Alibi and continues through V is for Vengeance.

The idea behind blogging an alphabet book is startlingly simple: 26 blog posts which become chapters, each one addressing a word or concept that builds your brand by illustrating your knowledge and experience.

Sample schedule for blogging a book during 2013

Here’s an overview of how you could be a published by this time next year:

  • Step 1. Choose your topic between now and the end of December, looking for an idea you can write about for each of the 26 letters. (Don’t worry about a few missing letters, like q, x, and z; there will be time later to fill in the blanks. Focus on the easier letters early in the alphabet!
  • Step 2. Starting in January, and extending through June, prepare one blog post a week. By the end of June, you’ll have the first draft of your book completed–and you’ll have already benefited from the traffic you’re weekly blog posts have been attracting.
  • Step 3. Spend the spring and summer either approaching publishers with your book proposal or readying it for self-publishing. In either case, you’ll be actively marketing your book through the summer.

By Labor Day, 2013, your book should be well on its way to a successful book launch!

Learn more about blogging a book | free call!

To learn more about blogging a book, attend Published & Profitable’s free End-of-month book coaching call Tuesday, November 27, at 4 PM Eastern. All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend. Simply call 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391#. I’ll begin the call with a brief presentation about alphabet books, then you’re invited to share your November writing progress plus your December (and beyond!) writing goals! Special thanks to Mark Joyce for the alphabet book tip!


  1. Dr Charles Parker
    November 30, 2012

    Outstanding article and idea, Roger! Thanks so much! Now to find the time to get this done!
    Best to you and yours for the Holidays!

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