Who Else Wants to Sell More Books This Year?

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Click the book cover if you’re an author or publisher who wants to sell more books as holiday gifts this year.

Written by David Garfinkel, a world-class direct marketing copywriter, Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich offers you 297 headline ideas based on classic, proven ideas.

Subtitled, Create Winning Ads, Web Pages, Sales Letters, and More, David’s book saves your time by providing you fill-in-the-blank headline templates that you can customize to all types of book marketing and promotion tasks.

Each proven headline example is accompanied by a brief explanation of why the idea works, and a dozen, or so, variations showing how the idea can be applied to marketing and promoting different products and services.

Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich is not a book to be read, it’s a book to be used.

In fact, each chapter ends with ideas and tips for adapting the headline to your specific needs, plus a Brainstorming Page where you can immediately jot down ideas while they are fresh.

There’s also Part II, several bonuses, including Part ll, The Magical Power of Headlines, which contains 7 chapters that summarize lessons David learned during his career as one of America’s leading direct marketing copywriters.

Transformative book

Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich is for you if you’re an author looking for a fresh approach that can help you sell more books this year. As you glance through the various chapters–which can be read out of order–you’re likely to discover that your current approach to headlines and blog post titles needs updating. Your approach to headlines and titles may be emphasizing features, while book buyers and those buying gift books for others are looking for benefits! Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich makes the different painfully obvious–and shows how to take immediate action.

Take a few moments to explore theĀ  Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich’s table of contents and sample chapters feature using Amazon’s Look Inside! feature. Then, share your impressions and takeaways of the headline template ideas as comments, below.

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