22 Tips for Proofing and Improving Your SlideShare Presentations

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Click the graphic to learn how to proof and improve the quality of your SlideShare presentations created with PowerPoint.

SlideShare is a SEO-integrated online hostingĀ  service that makes it easy for others to discover your presentations and publications.

SlideShare has become a major marketing and promotion tool for authors, publishers, and content marketers.

Using SlideShare, you can easily embed your presentations in blog posts and websites.

You can easily upload presentations created using Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. You can also upload publications–like newsletters and white papers–formatted as Adobe’s Acrobat PDF files.

Getting the details right

In my Content Marketing Institute article, I show why proofing presentations before uploading them to SlideShare involves more than just checking for typographic errors.

Minor design problems, like inconsistent text formatting or inconsistent placement of text and graphic elements, can undermine the value of your ideas and weaken the image your SlideShare visuals project.

Questions to ask while proofing your SlideShare visuals

In my article, I describe 22 questions for you to ask while proofing your PowerPoint presentation before uploading it to SlideShare.

For your convenience, I assembled the questions into a 2-page SlideShare Proofing Checklist you can download, print, and use as a guide while proofing your PowerPoint presentations before you upload them to SlideShare.

There’s also ideas and tips that address some of the issues that may cause design problems when creating presentations with PowerPoint.

How do you proof your SlideShare presentations?

After you read my Content Marketing Checklist: 22 To-Dos for SlideShare Success and download the checklist, let me know what you think. Are there other PowerPoint design and layout issues I should have included? Are you using SlideShare to promote your books and ebooks? Do you have any other PowerPoint questions or SlideShare-proofing tips I should have included? Share your ideas as comments, below.

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