7 Keys to Choosing the Right Book Title

Posted September 30th @ 6:33 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Book marketing begins when you choose a title for your book; the  title you choose plays a crucial role in your book’s success.

Get a fresh perspective on choosing the right titles for your  brand-building book or content marketing premiums by reviewing my  example-filled 7 Keys to Choosing the Right Book Title presentation, below.

It summarizes years of reviewing books, interviewing authors, and analyzing the DNA of successful nonfiction book titles.

Do you have any questions about book titles?

Get help choosing the right title for your brand-building book or  list-building content marketing sign-up incentives. Share your favorite examples of  on-target book titles, as well as your questions, comments, or concerns  about book titles as comments, below. You can also use my online form.

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