Why SlideShare is a Content Marketing GameChanger for Authors

Posted September 29th @ 6:48 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

If you’re still using the same content marketing tools you were using a year ago to promote your book, I recommend you read Gregory Ciotti’s, 10 SlideShare Strategies that Will Boost Your Content’s Value.

Greg’s eye-opening post on the Content Marketing Institute blog is a marketing gamechanger for authors and small business owners.

The visual impact and responsiveness of the presentations embedded in the post are likely to change your view of online presentations.

I was so impressed by the examples, in fact, that I picked-up Todd Wheatlands’ The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare: How to Build Your Brand, Generate Leads, & Create Opportunities.

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a online service that hosts presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote software. You create your presentation on your computer, and upload it to SlideShare. Highlights include:

  • No start-up costs. You can set up your first presentations for free, and they will be instantly available.
  • Sharing your presentations elsewhere. Immediately after posting your first presentation, you can promote the presentation by sharing its URL via e-mail or adding it to your emails or social media. More important, you can embed the presentation in your blog or on your website. See example, here.
  • Flexibility. After posting your first presentation, you can easily update the presentation and its description. You can also host presentations and reports created with other software, after converting them to Adobe’s PDF format.
  • Multiple program levels. Although you go very far for free, if you upgrade to one of the Pro alternatives, beginning at $19.95–you can add audio and video to your presentation, as well as forms for obtaining and tracking prospect leads. SlideShare’s professional levels are closely integrated with other social media, like LinkedIn for increased SEO and online visibility.

How authors can use SlideShare to sell more books

Authors can use SlideShare at every step of Published & Profitable’s 4-step publishing process:

  • Planning. While planning your next book, you can test market the title and the main idea behind your book, inviting comment and feedback from your ideal readers. You can also test market proposed book covers. You could prepare a short presentation “walking” prospective book buyers through your book by sharing proposed contents of each chapter.
  • Writing. As you write your book, you can prepare mini-presentations based on chapters as you write them, inviting reader questions and comments.
  • Promoting. As your book launch date approaches, you can support your Amazon.com publication date by preparing a promotion showing the reader bonuses that your marketing partners have contributed to help you launch your book to success. After your book launch, you can prepare mini-presentations showing how specific market segments can benefit from your book. When speaking about your book, you can post speaker handouts on SlideShare. 
  • Profiting. SlideShare makes it easy to test market and promote new information products based on your book, and new coaching or consulting services.

As you become increasingly comfortable creating, uploading, and embedding SlideShare presentations, the above book promotion activities will become increasingly second nature to you.

What’s in The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare?

Todd Wheatland’s The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare is a detailed user manual written by a marketing professional for authors and other marketing professionals. It assumes no previous SlideShare or coding experience.

What I like best about The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare, however, is that every step is interpreted and described from a marketing perspective.

Todd’s marketing perspective is important because how you set up your SlideShare account and upload presentations can play an important role in whether or not your presentations will be discovered by the right book buyers and prospects for your back-end products, services, and speaking.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. Why You Need SlideShare. SlideShare’s role in a content marketing world.
  2. How SlideShare Will Build Your Business. There are compelling examples, plus an especially interesting perspective, “Why shorter, more frequent, highly-specific content will beat your big white paper any day.”
  3. Getting Started with Presentations. Presentation best practices.
  4. Adding Audio & Video to Presentations. How to bring your slide presentations to life after they’re online.
  5. Uploading Documents & Videos. Taking SlideShare to the next level
  6. SlideShare Pro and Beyond. A non-selling and interpretative overview of SlideShare’s premium account levels.
  7. MasterClass on Advanced Tools. Using SlideShare’s lead generation tools, including leveraging your presentation using LinkedIn and SlideShare’s Facebook app.
  8. Next Steps and Legal Stuff. Readers can sign-up to receive free updates to the book.

Chapter include additional resources, like book recommendations, links to examples, and social media tips.

One week ago, I put Slideshare and The Marketer’s Guide to the test

Last Saturday, about noon, I visited SlideShare to sign-up, with Todd’s book in my lap. I hadn’t created a presentation in other a month, and I had no previous experience with SlideShare or any other online presentation firm.

Nevertheless, by the time I went to bed, I had created a fresh presentation, uploaded it to SlideShare, and embedded it in a previous blog post. There were no hitches or gotcha’s.

If it worked for me, it will almost certainly work for you!

Share your online presentation experiences!

What’s keeping you from content marketing with SlideShare presentations? Or, if you’re already using SlideShare, or a similar service, to market your book and promote your back-end products, coaching and consulting services, or speaking car, please share your experiences and tips as comments, below.

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  1. Todd Wheatland
    September 29, 2012

    Roger – thanks for the very detailed breakdown here. The speed with which you’ve gone from reading to successfully using SlideShare should be an incentive for anyone. And the publisher-specific details you’ve given really highlight how well it can work for this niche. Great stuff.

  2. Roger C. Parker
    September 29, 2012

    Thank you, Todd.

  3. Joe Pulizzi
    September 30, 2012

    Great stuff Roger…very helpful review indeed. It’s amazing how many people do not yet realize the power of Slideshare. It’s like a sleeping giant.

  4. Roger C. Parker
    September 30, 2012

    Thank you, Joe. And, thanks for helping bring this book to life!

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