What can you learn from visiting Amazon.com’s Author Pages?

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Before starting to write and self-publish a brand-building book, ask, What can I learn from visiting the Author Pages of the leading books in my field on Amazon.com?

Amazon.com’s Author Pages can provide important insights into the backgrounds and attitudes of the authors who have written the leading books in your field.

Locating author pages

After locating the pages on Amazon.com describing the leading books in your field, as described in previous posts, the next step is to visit the Amazon pages describing their authors.

The easiest way to locate the page is to use Amazon’s powerful Search feature. Enter the author’s name and select the Search icon (or Enter). The author page will be the second link that appears, along with links to all of the author’s other books.

Information that may appear on the author page

Amazon’s author pages contain both information submitted by authors and publishers as well as automatically-generated information, including:

  • From the author. This is a statement prepared by either the author or submitted by the publisher. As a convenience, when researching the authors of competing books, there’s a link to a printer-friendly version of this statement.
  • Book by the author. The author statement (or biography) is followed by a list of books by the author. For convenience, there’s a tab that permits you to view the books organized by type, i.e., paperback, Kindle, audio, etc.
  • Blog and Twitter feeds. When setting up their own page, authors can include RSS feeds from their blog and Twitter account. In desired, authors can add blog posts written specifically for this page.
  • Videos. Authors can also add videos to this page, especially useful for describing their latest books or books scheduled to appear in the near future.
  • Customers Also Bought From. This automatically-generated page is one of the most important resources on the page. It permits you to locate authors of books that compete with the leading books in your field. Exploring these links helps you locate books you might not otherwise know were competing for the attention of your ideal readers.
  • Other resources. Authors can also participate in reader-created discussions about their books. Authors can also list upcoming events on this page.

Impressions from Amazon’s author pages

You can learn a lot from the information on author pages, as well as the links to their books. For example, you can gain an idea of how much importance the authors of the leading books in your field place on marketing.

If the page contains just a short “boilerplate” biography or background statement, the author is not as marketing-savvy as a page that reflects a lot of thought and care.

Likewise, if the blog feed hasn’t been updated in the past 6 months, obviously, the author is not as involved or passionate as an author who blogs and Tweets daily.

In other words, as you visit the author pages of the leading books in your field, look beyond the information for other clues about the author’s involvement in their field.

Asking questions before you start to write

This is the 22nd in a series of 99 Questions for authors to answer before starting to plan, write, promote, and profit from a brand-building book.

Whether you’re a first-time author, or an experienced author looking for fresh perspectives and tips, the 99 Questions will help you clarify your goals, analyze your readers, examine competing books, choose a book title, explore your options, and consider your marketing options as soon as possible.

Asking questions encourages you to examine your assumptions and opens the door to new alternatives and resources.

Download a copy of my 99 Questions workbook while it’s still available for free. You can also review earlier posts in this series, attend a free book coaching call, and ask questions about researching the leading books in your field on Amazon.com as comments below, or using my online form.

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