Author Questions #14 | What’s keeping your readers from solving their problems?

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Before starting to write a book to build your personal brand, ask yourself, What’s keeping my readers from solving their problems?

This is the 14th in a series of questions, ideas, and tips to help authors and business professionals save time writing & self-publishing a book to build their personal brand.

It’s not enough to know what your ideal readers’ problems are, you have to dig deeper and understand what’s keeping them from solving their problems.

Reader obstacles

In most cases, the obstacles that keep readers from solving their problems are based on 1, or more, of the following:

  1. Knowledge. In order to take action solving their problems, your readers need to know the procedures, or steps to take–and in what order. Your book will succeed if it explains what to do, and where to begin.
  2. Tools. Information, by itself, is rarely enough. In many cases, readers need specialized tools to help them plan and take meaningful action. Tools range from measuring and cutting devices to downloadable software or software hosted online.
  3. Resources. There are often costs associated with obtaining knowledge and tools. In addition, knowledge and tools often involves time spent mastering new skills. Success involves finding the time and the budget resources to invest in new techniques and tools.
  4. Experience. Finally, there is often a learning curve involved in solving problems. Successful books need to guide readers as they begin to use their new knowledge and tools for simple, confidence-building, projects that will lead to increasingly better results.

Your book will succeed to the extent that it addresses the above needs and motivates your readers to act by building their confidence in their ability to successfully take action.

Mastering the skills needed to write a brand-building book

Download my currently) free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before Writing and Self-Publishing a Brand-building Book and  preview all 99 of the questions you need to ask before writing and self-publishing a brand-building book.

It’s like having an expert book coach by your side, asking questions, as you review your goals, analyze your readers, examine your competition, and–at every step–assess your options and make better-informed decisions.

Each question you answer helps you gain a deeper understanding of options and alternatives. Each answered question takes you one step closer to your goal of writing and publishing a brand-building book that will attract new prospects and position you as the obvious expert in your area. Take a moment to download your copy, then share your comments and concerns, below. You can also ask me a question using my confidential online form, or review earlier posts in this series.

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