Author question #11 | What are the characteristics of your ideal readers?

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Before starting to write and self-publish a brand-building book, ask yourself: What are the characteristics of my ideal readers?

That’s the 11th in a series of questions, ideas, and tips for authors and business professionals who are thinking about writing a book to build their personal brand.

In yesterday’s post, I described the importance of targeting your ideal readers–those you want as clients and customers in the years to come. Now, it’s time to examine their characteristics in greater detail.

Analyzing your ideal reader’s characteristics

The starting point is to address these the following:

  1. Who? Who are your ideal readers, in terms of their primary categories? Are they doctors, husbands, self-employed professionals, teachers, or union leaders? Are they married, single, young, or old? Are they rich or poor, healthy or sick?
  2. What? As members of the above categories, what do they do? What are their responsibilities, what are the tasks they’re called upon to perform every day? What are the challenges they have to overcome and the goals they want to achieve?
  3. Where? Where do they perform these tasks? At home, in a small office, in a skyscraper? What part of the country do they live and work?
  4. How? How urgently do they view their challenges and goals? How much do they know about the topic you’re going to write about? Are they likely to welcome your ideas or approach your ideas with skepticism?

Your responses to these questions will help you begin to create personas describing your readers, guiding you as you write, market, and profit from your book.

Personas are one-page documents that summarize the characteristics of specific types of readers that you can easily refer to as you plan your book, your book marketing, and your back-end profit products, services, and speaking topics.

Additional resources

Getting started on your journey to writing success

Click the book cover to begin your journey to writing and publishing success by downloading my (currently) free workbook. Use it to create a personalized writing, marketing, and profit plan for your book, based on the analyzing your readers.

Have you targeted your ideal readers? Have you created reader personas that describe who they are, what they are doing, where they’re doing it, and how they’re likely to approach your book? Share your experiences and questions as comments, below. You can also use my online form to ask a question about the characteristics of your ideal readers. You can also review earlier posts in this series.

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