Author questions #7: What’s keeping you from writing a book?

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Before starting to write a book, ask yourself, What’s been keeping me from writing a book?

That’s the 7th in a series of questions, ideas, and tips intended to help you write a book to build your personal brand.

Why identifying obstacles matters

There are 2 reasons to immediately address what’s been keeping you from writing a book:

  • Changing times. Recent, and on-going, changes in publishing technology have eliminated many of the traditional barriers to publishing. Many of the traditional barriers to have fallen. You may be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities now available.
  • Outmoded ideas. Publishing a book isn’t “all about the writing,” and you don’t have to give-up your day job, or your family, to write and publish a book. Previous writing experience isn’t required to get profitably published. You don’t have to be a full-time, professional author to plan, write, promote, and profit from a brand-building book. There are ways to make the project doable!

Take a fresh look at what’s been keeping you from writing a book

Here are ideas and tips to examine from a fresh perspective:

  1. Steps. Many otherwise-qualified authors are held back by the perceived complexity of writing and marketing a book, unaware that writing and book marketing are projects that can be broken down into a series of manageable tasks. Once you stop thinking in terms of number of words and number of pages, and start thinking in terms of steps and tasks, writing a book takes on a new light.
  2. Options and alternatives. Until recently, writing a book to build a personal brand was a relatively closed field, and there were “insider secrets” that highly-successful authors tended to keep for themselves. These often dealt with different approaches to book formats and getting the books written as efficiently as possible. After interviewing over 500 published authors and writing over 40 of my own books, I’ve discovered there are a lot of ways to efficiently write a brand-building book without dedicating a year or two of your life to your project.
  3. Tools. There are now hundreds of tools–often, free tools–available to help you harvest your ideas and get the first draft of your book written as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, there’s a new world of free or low-cost book marketing and post-publication profit tools available for informed authors to use their book. There’s also a wealth of free and low-cost tools available to develop and promote profitable back-end back-end products and services. This is truly the age of the entrepreneurial author!
  4. Beliefs. Unfortunately, many are held back by mistaken beliefs, beliefs that they are not qualified to write a book or that they don’t have time to write a book. Many otherwise-qualified business owners and professionals don’t feel they can write a book because they did poorly in English, or don’t have a degree in writing. Others were told they couldn’t write by parents or teachers, or have never had an opportunity to write with passion. Many simply don’t know where to get qualified assistance–or, how much assistance their favorite authors received writing their books.

Do-it-yourself guide to writing & promoting a book

Click the book cover to the left to start your journey to writing and publishing success by downloading my free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Write and Self-Publish a Brand-Building Book.

It’s s a workbook to help you create a personalized writing, marketing, and profit plan outlining the steps involved in planning your way to writing and publishing success. It save you time and helps you avoid wasted resources.

It’s intended to be downloaded, printed, and filled-out by hand.

I based it on my experiences writing over 40 books sold around the world. It includes the questions I ask myself before starting a new project. It includes the same questions I ask my book coaching clients (see what what coaching clients have said).

Download it now! Get started on your journey to writing and publishing success. Share your writing concerns and experience below. If you have specific questions, feel free to send them to me using my online form.

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