Starting to write a book #6: How long have you wanted to write a book?

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Before starting to write a book, ask yourself: How long have I wanted to write a book?

This is the 6th in a series of 99 Questions, ideas, and writing tips intended to help you launch your journey to writing & publishing success.

Addressing these questions before you start writing will help you save time and avoid wasted effort.

Why this question matters

This is an important question, because, the longer you’ve wanted to write a book, the more committed you’re likely to be–and, thus, more likely to succeed!

If you put off the book you wanted to write after college, and you’re now stable in your career, (or are currently at a transition point), perhaps its time to revisit your desire to write a book.

Taking a closer look at your desire to write a book

Here are some ideas and tips to to ask yourself about how long you’ve wanted to write a book:

  1. Origin. How old were you when you first decided to write a book? If you were brought up in a book-filled house, or have pleasant memories of your parents reading to you, or trips to the library, you may have first wanted to write a book several decades ago. For others, the desire to write a book may have emerged at college, or soon after graduation.
  2. Example. In other cases, your desire to write a book might have been sparked by reading a specific book that made a lasting impression on you. (In my case, it was a book called Editing by Design written by Jan V. White, a book still in print several decades after its first publication.) Was there a specific book that influenced you to write?
  3. Opportunity. Although most of the over 500 authors I’ve interviewed were lifelong readers, many others decided to write a book because they were entrepreneurs who noticed the opportunities and potential profits offered by writing a book to build their personal brand.
  4. Background. Many writers turn to writing books after careers in advertising, marketing, or or journalism, where they’ve honed their writing skills. Previous writing experience, however, is not a prerequisite for writing a book. The skills involved in writing can be mastered by anyone with a passion for writing and a willingness to master new skills.

Get started now on your journey to writing success!

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