Starting to write a book #5 | How passionate are you about your book?

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Before starting to write your book, ask yourself, How passionate are you about writing your book?

This is the 5th in a series of 99 Questions, ideas, and tips for authors about to start writing a book.

Passion is important because the more motivated you are to write your book, the greater the likelihood of your success.

Another way to ask the question is, Are you motivated to write a book by passion or curiosity?

When asked, the majority of Americans respond that they want to write a book. Yet, although the numbers are growing, each year, only a relatively small number actually do write and publish a book.

Passion makes the difference

Those who passionately want to write a book end up writing and publishing a book. They are willing to master the new habits and skills that separate writers from readers. They find the time to write, they locate the assistance they need, and they put aside self-limiting beliefs. And, in the end, they’re rewarded with a published book.

Analyzing your passion

Your passion for writing your book is usually based on the clarity of vision you have for your book. The more detailed your vision, the greater your motivation!

As previously discussed, there are many reasons to write a book, and any of reasons can be valid, if you’re passionate about them.

Your vision usually is based on the changes it will bring to you, your readers, or–in some cases–society, or a specific cause.

  1. Personal. Your vision of the future can be based on a vision of how your life will be different after your book appears. If you can see yourself addressing a large audience of engaged listeners, if you can visualize your website filled with information products, or if you are looking forward to spending time with interesting and appreciative clients, you’re well on your path to writing and publishing success.
  2. Readers. Your vision can also be based on how your readers lives will change after reading your book and putting your ideas to work. If you are writing to share insights and solutions that will help your readers solve their problems and achieve your goals, you will look forward to your writing and book marketing sessions. The more you identify with your readers and want to help them, the stronger your writing will be.
  3. Society. Passion can also come from a desire to help a specific cause or belief, or helping society in general–or, a segment of society. There is life beyond careers and profits, a world of passion based on writing to advance the greater good.  The drive to “fight the good fight” and write what needs to be written–especially when coupled with the other motivators–can be extremely powerful.


Often, the best books are written under pressure. Thus, you might ask yourself, Are there any reasons you want to get published as soon as possible?

Reasons to get published as quickly as possible might include something as simple as an upcoming conference or workshop where you’d like to be able to promote your book, a desire to build your brand while there’s still time to capitalize on it, or–even–a pending merger or acquisition that might lead to an early buy-out and opportunity to start your own business.

In some cases, advancing age, and a desire to leave a legacy for your family and future generations can mean the difference between writing, or not writing.

Help for authors who want to write a book

Start your journey to writing and publishing success by downloading my free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Write and Self-Publish a Brand-Building Book.

It’s a step-by-step workbook that provides a structure for writing and publishing success; it will help you save time and avoid wasted resources.

You can print it and fill it out by hand. It helps you make informed decisions to guide you on your journey to writing and publishing success.

I based it on my experiences writing over 40 books sold around the world. It includes the questions I ask myself before starting a new project. It also contains the same questions I ask my book coaching clients (see what my book coaching clients have said).

Download it now and get started on your journey to writing and publishing success. Please share your comments about writing and publishing below. If you have any questions about writing a book, use my online form.

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