Free MindManager template saves time writing articles & blog posts

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Use my free 3-Step Writing Jumpstart Map template to save time writing articles & blog posts for content marketing.

The 10 questions in my 3-step Writing Jumpstart template save time by focusing your thinking and helping you build momentum at the start of your writing project.

The more thinking you do before you start to write, the less time you’ll need to spend writing, editing, and formatting your project!

Getting a running start on your projects also reduces the likelihood of writer’s block interfering getting in the way of finishing your project on time.

You can use the 3-Step Writing Jumpstart Map template on all MindManager formats, including Macintosh and Window computers and laptops and Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.


The 3-Step Writing Jumpstart includes instructions for answering the questions and exporting your mind map to your favorite word processing software program for completion, editing, and formatting.

The map template includes instructions describing how to adapt the mind map to worksheets you can print and fill-out by hand using pens, pencils, and felt-tip marketers.

Instructions appear as Notes attached to the 10 questions that prepare the path for writing success. The Notes feature permitted me to provide detailed guidance without adding clutter or complexity to the map.

Get started mind mapping for free

Newcomers to mind mapping newcomers can explore my 3-Step Writing Jumpstart Map by taking advantage of Mindjet’s free trial offers for users of Macintosh and Windows computers. In addition, Mindjet’s mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are still free.

Writing takes time, especially helpful, relevant, and consistent content marketing articles that attract a following and build lasting corporate and personal brands. Many of the 500 successful authors I’ve interviewed during the past 10 years use mind mapping as a primary writing too. Download my free 3-Step Writing Jumpstart Map and find out why! Share your comments and questions, below.

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