20 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Book – free mind map

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Before you write a book to build your personal brand, get a free copy of my 20 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Book mind map.

The 20 questions address the fundamental Publishing Success issues that must be answered as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment and wasted time.

Authors can immediately use the mind map as a planning tool after downloading the free MindManager format map at Mindjet’s Maps for That site.

20 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Book includes instructions for using the map as a framework for answering questions using MindManager’s online, offline, and using Mobile applications.

Mind mapping newcomers can download free trial version of Mindjet’s MindManager to immediately get started.

There’s more to publishing success than just writing!

20 Questions to Ask Before You Start to Write helps you develop a “big picture” view of your book. Too many authors concentrate exclusively on writing, rather than addressing each of the 4 steps in the Publishing Success Cycle:

  1. Planning
  2. Writing
  3. Promoting
  4. Profiting

Focusing entirely on writing, without considering the full context of publishing success, is a common recipe for failure. 

Download, explore, share

If you’ve been considering writing a book to drive business and build your personal brand, download my 20 Questions To Ask map and use it to explore the fundamental questions that must be answered. Then, share your comments and suggestions at Maps for That, or as comments, below. If you have a question, here’s how to ask me a question!

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