David Meerman Scott’s Newsjacking rewrites the rules of marketing & PR

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David Meerman Scott’s latest book, Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage, reflects his continuing efforts to rewrite the rules of marketing and PR.

When David Meerman Scott wrote The New Rules of Marketing & PR, it set the tone of web marketing for years to come.

Now in its 3rd edition, The New Rules of Marketing defined online marketing for newcomers and provided a new perspective for forward-thinking marketing professionals already on the Web.

Since then, in its various editions, it has sold over 250,000 copies translated into more than 25 languages. Currently, it’s occupies the top position in several of Amazon.com’s business book categories (direct marketing, retailing, public relations).

Teaching online marketing by example

David Meerman Scott followed The New Rules with several other bestselling business & marketing book titles.

With one exception, (Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead), each was shared with readers through blogs and social media marketing before its publication. Using social media was one of the core techniques David Meerman Scott introduced in The New Rules of Marketing & PR and he has been refining it and teaching by example ever since.

Last year, in Real Time Marketing & PR, David introduced a new online marketing rule, the importance of quickly responding to opportunities and threats in today’s connected Internet world. Real Time Marketing & PR drove the final nail in the coffin of slow-to-respond, committee-driven “hostage” websites and conventional public relations tactics in a social media world.

Newsjacking, once again, rewrites the rules

Each book by David Meerman Scott rewrites the rules and takes them one step further.

In Newsjacking, David practices what he preaches by creating a digital-only book that is as current as the latest updated presidential campaign news on the front page of the nation’s newspapers or the the top stories on the evening television news.

Newsjacking is the process of injecting your idea, message, or spin onto a breaking new story, taking it over, and promoting a different agenda.

Like hijacking a ship or a truck, Newsjacking takes over something already in motion and moves it in a new direction…often overshadowing the original destination or message.

The difference, of course, is that digital formats can be brought to market faster than printed books, and that readers can link to the examples described in the book.

In addition, digital formats don’t have to be bloated with unnecessary content–in order to create a spine that will be noticeable on a bookshelf–and justify a selling price high enough to high enough to satisfy several levels of distribution costs.

Newsjacking is available in multiple digital formats, including Amazon.com’s Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Whether or not we are totally comfortable like the way Newsjacking sometimes takes place, it’s a new reality that all business owners (and political candidates), and others must understand so they take immediate action. In a concise, easy-to-read, and inexpensive format, David Meerman Scott distills Newsjacking to its essence and concisely explains how to master the technique or protect yourself from others.


  1. David Meerman Scott
    November 24, 2011

    Hey Roger!

    Thanks so much. You write about my work in such a flattering way. I did want to do a new kind of business book so thanks for seeing that.

    And in the many reviews of newsjacking, yours is my favorite quote of all “Newsjacking takes over something already in motion and moves it in a new direction…often overshadowing the original destination or message.”

    Thanks for all of your support, Roger.


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