iMockups brings wireframes to authors & small business websites

Posted November 9th @ 1:55 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

iMockups lets authors and small business owners create wireframes on their iPads.

Wireframes are rough layouts that display a big picture view of a blog or web page, without the need to make detailed design and formatting decisions, or write the copy.

Until now, the use of website wireframes was typically limited to large corporations and the web design firms serving them. (Everyone else had to put up with rough sketches and hard-to-share whiteboard drawings.)

Now, authors and small business owners can easily preview the size and placement of different categories of text and graphic elements as early as possible. They can also test website usability and navigation before the site is published.

For years I’ve been creating rough models of web pages using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Pulisher, but it was never smooth sailing. Complexity and frustration often accompanied these efforts.

What you can do with wireframes created with iMockups

Above is my first attempt, shown above, created in bed, within a few minutes of installing iMockups on my iPad. Here’s how you and I can put iMockups to work:

  • Organize the building blocks of blog and website design, including placing the various text and graphic elements that will appear on each page. We can also easily create layout variation for special pages, i.e., home page, blog, landing pages, articles, About us, and an e-commerce store.
  • The layout helps us allocate space for different text features, helping identify how much text has to be written to complete each page.
  • Share the structure online and get early “buy-in” from stakeholders, including clients and co-workers. iMockup files can be projected, exported to other graphics programs, or placed in the cloud for viewing and comment by others.
  • Test website usability and navigation. Because pages created with iMockups can be linked to each other, you can test the logic and smooth flow of your website before investing time in design, copywriting, and coding.
  • Design anywhere, you can make changes while discussing them with coworkers and clients, rather than trying to remember the points raised during meetings.

How much is iMockups?

In contrast to the often stratospheric prices charged for the leading graphic design software programs, iMockups is within easy reach of most authors and small business owners. iMockups costs $6.99 at iTunes. If you’re familiar with iMockups, or have experience with other wireframe tools, share your experiences as comments, below.


  1. Denis Paxton
    November 10, 2011

    awesome app, thanks for sharing it up

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