Are you a multipotentialite, or Renaissance-type business owner?

Posted November 2nd @ 8:35 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Finally, there’s personal growth and career advice for multipotentialites, i.e., business owners with multiple passions & talents.

Emilie Wapnick’s Puttylike blog offers a fresh, contrarian voice for entrepeneurs tired of being told to specialize

If you’ve ever been called a Renaisance thinker, you’re probably a multipotentialite–Emilie’s term for those who possess multipotentiality (the quality of possessing multiple talents¬† and passions), I encourage you to visit her blog and register to download her 26-page ebook, Invent Your Own Job: A Guide to Pinpointing that Awesome Business Idea. You’ll also receive her latest blog posts via email.

As a graphic designer who also¬† likes to help others organize their ideas and write a book, (or a writer who loves teaching others about graphic design), I instantly resonated with Emilie’s message. I’m fascinated by her efforts to help others build a brand and a business that spans multiple abilities, interests, passions, and talents.

While you’re at Emilie’s site, you can also download her free (i.e., no registration)45 page Undeclared for Life Manifesto: A Plan of Attack for the Person with Many Interests and Creative Pursuits in Life.

Whether you’re a multipotentialite who wants to harness their multiple talents and abilities for business success and personal growth, or you’re simply looking for good examples of a successful personal brand-building blog and ebooks, you’ll find ideas and examples at Emilie Wapnick’s blog. And, please, share your thoughts and questions about building a niche-free brand as comments, below.


  1. Mark Joyce
    November 3, 2011

    Roger -

    Your post and Emilie’s sight are certainly resonating with me!
    (Now I have an explanation for the diversity of my Tweets?}

    One big takeaway from perusing Emilie’s site (Puttylike) was the strategy of identifying a theme that can be used as an umbrella (or hub for mappers) that spans one’s multiple abilities, interests, passions, and talents.

    Her suggestion was reminiscent of an art instructor’s advice to look for patterns in the sketchbooks and picture files accrued over time–to identify and clarify one’s style.

    How did you happen to find this multipotentialite?

  2. Roger C. Parker
    November 3, 2011

    Dear Mark:
    Thanks for commenting on the relevance of Emilie Wapnick’s site, and her strategy of identifying a theme, or umbrella, for multiple abilities, interests, passions, and talents.

    I believe I saw a reference to her site on Michael Martine’s site, and was glad that I followed the link. Serendipity lives!

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