Free book coaching call for authors writing brand-building books

Posted October 25th @ 11:28 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Join today’s free book coaching call and enjoy benefits like these:

  1. Authors and iPads. My latest thinking about iPads and recommended iPad applications for authors, including a list of recent blog posts and resources.
  2. New writing application for iPads. Find out about an iPad writing application that eliminates clutter and puts the focus on what you’re writing.
  3. October writing accomplishments. Share your October writing and book marketing achievements with others who appreciate your success.
  4. Discuss your October writing challenges. What kept you from getting as much done during October as you had hoped? What are the problems, where are the obstacles? Get free coaching and suggestions from me and from others on the call.
  5. Do-it-yourself Developmental Editing. Find out where you can obtain qualified help planning your book and creating a book marketing plan.
  6. Ask questions about: mind mapping, time management, creating a table of contents, building an author platform, writing productivity, choosing book titles, preparing book marketing materials like one sheets, plus other questions related to planning, writing, self-publishing, promoting, and profiting from a book.
  7. Share your recent discoveries; such as articles and books about writing, interesting bloggers and blog posts, or anything else related to creativity, expression, or maintaining your motivation while writing a book.

Bring your questions about writing and self-publishing to today’s free book coaching teleseminar call. It takesĀ  place Tuesday, October 25, at 4:00 PM EDT. To attend, call 570-310-0130 and enter PIN 513391#. Note: you can submit questions before the call as comments, below.


  1. Henry Patterson
    October 25, 2011

    Roger – I was only able to join for a short-time today, but did get some valuable information for improving my writing, and use of iPad in that effort. iThoughtsHD may be the better iPad mindmapping tool, better compatibility with more desktop mindmap software, scrivener import capability, better image compatibility in your mindmaps. I’ve been using it for over a year. IA Writer is a very simple iPad writing tool, using it myself for non-brand type writing (fiction) and brand building book writing that I’m just getting back into (Manufacturing Strategy focused on Purpose, People and Process). Blogsy for composing and uploading your blogs on the ipad is another good app to take a look at. Although I was only on for a short-time today it was helpful, considering membership, and looking forward to the mindmap addin you mentioned.

    Plus 15+ year mindmapper, so I get it, the iPad increased my use of mindmaps 10X, because it is always with me much more so than my laptop computer, plus with apps like GoodReader and LogMeIn, I have access to my documents in the clouds and at home all the time as well.


  2. Roger C. Parker
    October 26, 2011

    Dear Henry:
    Thank you for attending the call and for your kind words.

    Most important, thank you for sharing many additional iPad mind mapping and writing resources. I look forward to exploring them.

    Best wishes on your continued success.

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