Break through the 20 common Creative Blocks

Posted October 23rd @ 11:26 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Take control of your creativity by clicking the graphic and downloading Mark McGuinness’s 114-page free e-book, 20 Creative Blocks and How to Break Through Them.

Thanks to careful writing. editing, & design, 20 Creative Blocks is a fast read…but, you’ll be able to use its lessons for a long time.

Written with Marelisa Fabrega, 20 Creative Blocks is a practical and readable guide to recognizing and overcoming common creative blocks.

20 Creative Blocks is an excellent  example of ebook content and design. The well-researched ideas are well-organized and engagingly presented, and include examples and stories.

In addition, the design and readability of the inside pages lives up to the high standards promised by the front cover.

Viral marketing…Pass it along!

After you and your co-workers have read 20 Creative Blocks, you may like it so much you’ll want to pass it to others.

You’re invited to share it and use it for viral marketing, as long as you agree to the terms of the Creative Commons License. The terms specify:

  1. You keep it intact in its original format
  2. You credit Mark McGuinness and Marelisa Fabrega as authors
  3. You do not use it for commercial purposes

3 reasons to download 20 Creative Breakthroughs

  • Learn how to let your creativity flourish. Read it, reread it, and share it with your coworkers and clients, and family members. Help them become sensitive to the creative blocks that prevent fulfillment throughout life.
  • Analyze its content and design. Study the organized progression of ideas, the short, readable sentences & paragraphs, and the numerous subheads that guide your eye from page to page. Study the page design and the pleasing colors and the¬† amount of white space on each inside page. Use 20 Creative Blocks as a model for planning a similar publication sharing your unique expertise in your field.
  • Use it as a viral marketing tool. Look for ways you can distribute copies of 20 Creative Blocks while enhancing you reputation as an expert in your field. You become the obvious expert in your field when you distribute quality resources like 20 Creative Blocks to others–you didn’t write it, but you made the introduction!

You can freely download 20 Creative Blocks from the Lateral Action website. There is no email registration required. Whether you use it as a creativity enhancer, a standard of comparison for ebook content and design, or an example of viral marketing, you’ll find numerous ways to put its lessons to work. Share your experiences, impressions, and questions below, as comments.


  1. Marelisa
    October 24, 2011

    Hi Roger: Mark definitely did a great job with this eBook. He was kind enough to include a chapter written by me. As you say, it’s a great example of an eBook that has been well done.

  2. Roger C. Parker
    October 24, 2011

    Dear Marelisa:
    Thank you for your comment.

    One of the best parts of the book, of course, is the introduction the ebook provided to your Abundance Life blog,

    I look forward to seeing further examples of your work and recommend everyone to visit your blog.

  3. Mark McGuinness
    November 1, 2011

    Thanks Roger, you have a great site here and it’s a pleasant surprise to see my ebook featured!

    And I count myself lucky to have had such a great contribution from Marelisa.

    I hope your readers find the ebook helpful.

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