80 Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-employed – free call

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Listen as Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV, shares the story of his Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed, on the next Published & Profitable author interview.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed could be the most important marketing book you read this year. It’s:

  • Comprehensive. Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed provides a valuable, organized, all-encompassing view of the marketing challenges and marketing tools that authors and small business owners have at their fingertips.
  • Organized for quick reading & reference. There are 80 chapters, each concisely addressing a single marketing tool. Each chapter includes an explanation of the tool’s relevance, how and when to employ it, and anecdotes and brief case studies.
  • Action-oriented. Each chapter concludes with a reference list of the major ideas and steps described in the chapter.

Who should attend this call?

Tomorrow’s interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger is perfect for:

  • Self-publishing authors looking for examples to model of successful brand-building books books that address complex topics with a tightly organized table of contents and numerous short, focused chapters. more
  • Authors looking for marketing ideas to sell more books. Authors will pick up new ideas for promoting and selling their books. The ideas discussed will also contribute to higher profits from back-end information products, coaching and consulting services, and paid speaking events.
  • Small business owners looking for ways to harness the power of the Internet to build their brand and market their business more effectively.

Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-employed is rare in its combination of a fresh, overall marketing perspective for the 21st Century, combined with an organized presentation of specifi, actionable implementation ideas.

Published & Profitable’s interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11, at 4:00 PM EDT. There is no charge to attend and participate. All are invited. To attend, call 570-310-0130 and enter PIN 513391#. You can ask questions during the call, or submit them before the call as comments, below. Join us!

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