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It’s true!…some of the best things in life are free, such as a Mark Levy’s compelling 27-page creativity tips ebook, List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership.

If Mark Levy’s name sounds familiar to you, it may be because you’ve read, or heard about, his best-selling business and creativity book, Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content.

Accidental Genius was a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the Kindle category of “Creativity and Genius.”

You may also remember Mark from last year’s Published & Profitable interview, one of the most popular author interviews of the year. More info

Well-researched, rock-solid, practical advice

Mark¬† is an unusually clear and concise writer, one familiar with just about everything that’s been written about the writing process. He is also a marketing strategist and positioning consultant with a string of enthusiastic A-list clients, including David Meerman Scott Joe Vitale, and Debbie Weil.

Lessons from List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership

Mark’s List-Making ebook is a case study in ebook marketing best practices. Lessons include:

  • Content organization. List-making begins with a description of the problem, i.e., “You cannot endlessly promote the same Ideas,” and goes on to describe a 4-step system for generating and building upon new ideas.
  • Format & design. List-Making is formatted and designed for easy onscreen reading. There’s plenty of white space on each page. There are numerous subheads and graphics to help readers quickly skimming each page to locate relevant information.
  • Brand building by example. Mark’s expertise is proven by the concise text, examples, and tips, plus a few discrete references to his workshops and coaching. But, there’s no overt “selling,” and the e-book is freely available without registration.
  • Viral. As an example of the tone of his ebook, Mark invites visitors to freely share List-Making with coworkers and friends.

Clear, simple ebook marketing

I’m also impressed by the simple, high-impact graphic, shown at left,¬† that Mark Levy uses to invite visitors to download his List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership ebook.

The blog post announcing the ebook uses few, carefully-chosen words, plus a cover image and a large, call-to-action button, to encourage visitors to download the ebook.

After you’ve downloaded and read Mark Levy’s List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership ebook, and have had an opportunity to try-out his 4-step creativity tips for brand-building and thought leadership, I invite you to share your ideas and experiences as comments, below.

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