Using Twitter to attract qualified followers & readers made easy

Posted July 7th @ 10:52 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Attend a free teleseminar and get a fresh perspective on using Twitter to attract qualified followers and readers next week, when I interview Tony Eldridge, publisher of the Marketing Tips for Authors blog.

Tony Eldridge is an “author’s author,” not only the popular author of The Sampson Effect, but also someone who shares his passion for writing and his knowledge of book marketing & promotion with others.

On next week’s call–the second of 6 July Published & Profitable free author events, Tony will discuss ways authors can use Twitter contests to attract qualified followers and prospective readers.

Tony’s Eldridge’s Conducting Effective Twitter Contests is a complete, step-by-step Twitter marketing system that includes a 125-page ebook and 4 hours of videos.

During our call, Tony and I will be discussing why “quantity” of Twitter followers is not enough; “quality,” and likelihood of future purchases, is even more important!

Put your Twitter marketing in high gear!

I’ll be interview Tony Eldridge on Tuesday, March 12, at 4:00 PM EDT. All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend. To attend, call 218-486-1616 and enter PIN 513391#. Your comments and questions are invited. Feel free to ask Tony your questions about Twitter Marketing during the call, or before the call, below.

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