Use mind maps to organize your ideas into a book

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The best way to learn how to organize your ideas into a successful self-published book is to use mind maps to study how other authors have organized their books.

For example, click the image at left, and download an actual size PDF of the mind map of Lorraine Phillips’ Online Book Marketing.

Lorraine is this week’s Published & Profitable expert author guest; during our interview, she’ll be discussing the steps she took to transform Online Book Marketing from a series of ideas to an organized and successful self-published book.

Why download the map?

When you take the time to create and study mind maps of the contents of existing books, each book’s structure becomes immediately obvious.

In the case of Lorraine’s book, for example, at a glance you’ll be able to see how she organized her book’s contents into 4 major categories, or sections, each containing 2, 3, or 8 chapters.

Without the sections, the table of contents would contain just the 18 chapters, which seems like a lot of work to read. But, organizing the chapters into 4 sections creates a more reader friendly image.

Organizing chapters into sections is similar to chunking large projects into a series of relatively simple tasks; chunking often spells the difference between continued procrastination or finished projects, completed one step at a time.

Whether you mind map by hand in a sketchbook or on a sheet of paper, or you use a mind mapping software program like Mindjet’s MindManager, you’ll find your time will be well-spent analyzing how the authors of competing books in your field organized their books into sections and chapters.

Why attend Tuesday’s call?

Attend my free teleseminar interview with Lorraine Phillip’s and get the inside story of self-publishing your book from someone who is an experienced veteran.

Our 1-hour call takes place Tuesday, June 28, at 4:00 PM EDT. more details All Published & Profitably friends and members are invited to attend without charge. To attend, call 218-486-1616 and enter PIN 513391#. Bring your questions; there will be opportunities to you ask Lorraine for more details, or to comment on your self-publishing concerns. Or, submit your questions ahead of the call as comments, below.

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