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Wednesday’s promoting tip for authors

The What we do page of Sunni Brown’s Doodle Revolution is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical text-filled “services” page.

Instead of vague mission statements and glowing client testimonials, Sunni’s page contains just 3 main ideas–each revolving around client or prospect needs.

Each idea is communicated with a convincing visual reinforced by minimum text…a few short sentences and bullet points.

Concepts are communicated in a way that makes them appear “obvious,” i.e., If you want someone to see what you see, you have to show it to them.

Visual communication made obvious

The polished use of simple, effective, visuals to simplify and communicate complex ideas is, appropriate for Sunni Brown’s site, as she’s one of the co-authors (with Dave Gray and John Macanufo) of Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rule-Breakers, and Changemakers.

Gamestorming’s success is a vindication of the marketing success that awaits truly innovative, well-written, and well-presented business books:

Gamestorming is one of’s top 2,000 books overall, and one of the top 3 books in 3 target business book categories.


The big lesson, of course, is the seamless transition between Gamestorming and the way that Sunni Brown describes her business on her site. A busy, cluttered text-filled page would have created a barrier between readers looking for assistance implementing the book’s advice. But, by “walking the walk” on her website, proving the power of visuals to simplify complexity, there’s a perfect transition between book and picking up the phone to schedule an exploratory call. Which leads to the big question: is your description of your products and services on your site as consistent with your book as Sunni’s?

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