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Posted March 23rd @ 11:44 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Wednesday’s promoting tip for authors, a leading resource for self-publishing authors, reflects several of the trends home page design trends I’ve blogged about during the past six months.

As a result, it has numerous lessons to teach about home page content and design.

Here are some home page design lessons for authors to consider applying on their own author sites and book sites:

  • Full story in one screen. At a glance, visitors interested in self-publishing a book know they’re at the right spot. The home page immediately communicates that the site exists to help authors self-publish their book.
  • Visual display of product examples. The animated graphic changes to display a variety of book covers and 2-page inside spreads. Hands holding the book samples provide a sense of scale for the examples.
  • Image and details. The opening screen projects a bright, optimistic, and uncluttered image. The colors behind the sample book covers and spreads, for example, complement each book cover.
  • Immediate engagement. A few, well-chosen words on the home screen begins to convert visitors into prospects and clients with a simple 3-step process. Visitors who skip the 3 steps can also enter through the graphic links.

Simplicity stands out in an age of complexity and over-stimulation.

At a time when the majority of visitors to your website are going to make an immediate “click away” or “explore further” decision, websites that can tell their story and engage visitors in one screen enjoy a major competitive advantage. Share your comments, pro or con, about one-screen home pages. Would a one-screen home page work for your self-published book? Tell us how you’d apply some of the latest home page design ideas described above to the opening screen of your self-published book’s home page.


  1. Logo Designing
    April 1, 2011

    I really like to visit here, very informative.I would likely apply this tips. Your right,It’s nice to be simple!

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