Reader-friendly design tips for eBooks, newsletters, & white papers

Posted March 20th @ 7:07 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Before you create and format your next PDF book, eBook, eBook, newsletter, one sheet,  report, or white paper, I invite you to review my illustrated White Paper Design that Sells: Fundamentals of Reader-friendly Design, a 14-page summary of graphic design ideas and tips for attractive, reader-friendly publication design.

White Paper Design that Sells is based on Microsoft’s exhaustive research into what they refer to as The Magic of Reading, a report that surveyed just about everything written about how eyes translate printed pages into ideas and action.  Other reports in this format include Mind Mapping for Writers and Marketers and Write Your Way to Success. If you have any questions after you read these reports, please comment, below.


  1. Mark Joyce
    March 22, 2011

    Reader-friendly design supports reader-friendly communication!

    Roger has provided a potentially far-reaching service with this easily referenced and applied set of 16 best visual design practices. Far-reaching in the sense that prospects are not the only potential beneficiaries of such reader-friendly design.

    I’m thinking about the impact the application of these practices would have on parent communication if they were applied to notes home, newsletters, fund-raising materials, handbooks, program notes, etc. by teachers and school staff.

    Other Groups & Next Actions?
    1. Think of a group with whom communication could be improved.
    2. Identify the authors/preparers of the communication.
    3. Send them the link to this article with a personal note of encouragement.

    What other groups of recipients and authors come to mind?

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