Book title tips from 800-CEO-READ’s 2010 Business Book Award Winners

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Tuesday’s writing tip for authors

Start your search for the perfect title for your brand-building business book by exploring the winners in 800-CEO-Read’s Best Business Book Awards Winners titles.

From the thousands of business books published each year,  800-CEO-READ highlights the best titles in categories like Finance, Innovation, Leadership, Management, Marketing & Sales, and Personal Development.

Each book is judged on the originality and applicability of its ideas and the quality of its content.

How to learn from 800-CEO-READ’s Business Book Awards

The best way to profit from 800-CEO-READ’s Business Book Awards list is to take the time to analyze each winning book’s title & subtitle from the point of view of. As always, asking questions about each title is the best way to learn from each title. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Promise. What is the promise offered in the title? Is the promise immediately obvious?
  • Familiarity. Are the words in the title the same words you use in everyday conversation?
  • Memorable. Is the title easy to say and easy to remember? Does the title “sound good” when spoken? Does the title remind you of familiar phrases or other cultural references?
  • Engagement. Do any of the titles use “shock value,” or other techniques, to arouse your curiosity?
  • Length. Are the words in the title as short as possible, allowing the title to appear at large size on the book cover?
  • Subtitle. What is the role played by the subtitles that follow the titles of the best business books of 2010? What kind of additional details do the subtitles provide? How many of the titles could stand alone without the subtitle they’re partnered with?

The above are just some of the questions you can use to evaluate the hundreds of 800-CEO-READ’s best business book award winners of 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Be sure to scroll down the entire list, which includes links to other significant books as well as winners from previous years.

The page also contains a link to a list of best-selling business books compiled in association with Inc. Magazine. You can compare current bestselling business books with bestsellers from previous years.

There’s no substitute for research

If you’re writing a business book or ebook, take the time to analyze the titles on 800-CEO-READ lists of best business books. Not only will these yearly lists provide insights into what business book buyers are currently interested in, the lists, themselves, provide case studies in book title excellence for you to learn from. Do you make it a practice to study titles and subtitles wherever you find them? Why, or why not? Any suggestions for other lists? Click here to learn more about choosing book & ebook titles.

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