Find out how to build your brand by writing & self-publishing a book

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Friday’s upcoming event calendar

Attend a free Super Easy Book Creation webinar on Wednesday, January 26, 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM EST; find out how you can built your personal brand by writing & self-publishing a book.

Online publishing–the “trend of the decade”

The opportunity that online publishing represents is massive…and the ability to generate automatic royalties at is only the tip if this very profitable “iceberg”.

From scoring an Amazon Bestseller, to establishing yourself as an expert in any field, to creating your very own virtual publishing house, the rewards of becoming a self-published author online cannot be overstated.

Register to attend this free Easy Book Creation Webinar training event to expore how you can take advantage of the “trend of the decade” — e-publishing via Kindle and Amazon.

What you’ll learn

During this exciting live workshop, Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes will teach you how to:

  1. Set up an amazing $1,456 autopilot cash stream using
  2. Quickly and easily develop your own hot Kindle ebook title (HOT!)
  3. Turn a simple information product into an “evergreen” profit system
  4. Promote your book online to drive hungry buyers to your book listing
  5. Turn book publishing into a big-ticket service to high-end clients
  6. Double your profit potential as an Amazon book publisher

…and much more!

If you attended last December’s Published & Profitable Amazon Cash Machine webinar, you’re already familiar with the caliber of quality information you’ll learn during this event.

If you’re not familiar, you’ll be introduced to an exciting approach to writing and self-publishing profits.

Register now so you can attend this Wednesday’s free Super Easy Book Creation webinar!


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