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Tuesday’s writing tip for authors

Today, freed from the “house arrest” of yesterday’s storm, I discovered Kelly L. Stone’s Living Write: The Secret to Inviting Your Craft Into Your Daily Life. I located Living Write, in the Reference section of Barnes & Noble’s Newington, NH , store, where writing books are now located. I looked through it, liked its organization and style, and took it home.

Living Write was published in September of this year. I wish I had discovered it earlier–I would have included it in my 3-part list of Holiday Gift Book Suggestions for Authors; 2010′s Best Writing Books.

Thought, feeling, & behavior cycle

Written from the author’s background in psychology, and interviews with hundreds of published authors,  Living Write offers authors practical, actionable tools to develop the habit of daily writing.

As numerous psychologists have written, an individual’s–or author’s–thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are closely linked together. Changing any one of the 3 cycle elements introduces change into the other cycle elements. Individuals can introduce change at any point in the cycle. However, for many authors, behavior is the easiest dynamic to change.

Cultivating the habit of daily writing creates a feeling of progress, reducing stress and creating feelings of positive momentum, resulting in even more progress.

Chapter 1, The Power of Daily Writing, is central to Living Write’s lessons. Daily action, motivated by a Burning Desire to Write, is the propellant driving writing success and progress through the 3-step Thought, Feeling, Behavior cycle.

Burning Desire

The starting point is your personal vision of how writing can transform your life. Visualizing the relationship between writing, career satisfaction, and personal accomplishment creates the Burning Desire to Write, and daily writing is the habit that moves you closer to your goal every day. As Kelly wrote in Chapter 1:

You have to do something every day toward your dream. Desire is the foundation, but in order to actually get the results and the outcomes that you want, (i.e., success as a writer), you must use your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to bring the craft of writing into your daily life.

Tools for turning desire into action

Each of the 16 chapters includes exercises which will help readers put the book’s lessons to work. Chapters are short, and include quotes and tips from authors who have cultivated the habit of daily writing. The Afterword shows readers how to create a 21-day action program. Living Write includes a CD that follows the chapters, providing another way to access the author’s words and implement the book’s ideas.

So, “Do you write every day?” Why, or why not? What is the obstacle that has to change in order for you to cultivate the habit of daily writing? Could the problem be a lack of Burning Desire to Write based on not fully appreciating the rewards that a published book can bring to you and your business? Share your ideas and questions as comments, below. Tell me how I could help you write a nonfiction book to drive business and build your personal brand! Or, share the techniques that have helped you cultivate the habit of daily writing.


  1. Kelly L Stone
    December 29, 2010

    Thanks for the nice review of LIVING WRITE!

    I am hosting a 90 Day Daily Writing challenge from 1/2/1//-4/2/11. All who complete the challenge of daily writing will be entered into a drawing for great prizes, including books and critiques from bestselling authors.

    To join on Facebook, go to Author Kelly L Stone’s 90 Day Writing challenge, or go to my website at and email me, saying “I’m in!”

    Kelly L Stone

  2. Conor Neill
    December 29, 2010

    Thanks for the recommendation ;-)

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