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Wednesday’s promoting tip for authors

Today’s guest post is part of the virtual book tour, for How to Sell More Books on Amazon, by Dana Lynn Smith.

I’ve read Dana’s new e-book, and highly recommend it to all Published & Profitable friends and members. Dana’s book provides a concise, detailed, and up-to-date introduction to a topic of importance to all authors.

Why the Kindle matters

Sales of digital e-books designed for reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle continue to escalate.

Selling e-books online in Amazon’s Kindle store is a great way for authors of printed books to earn additional revenue, and authors without printed books can get visibility in the world’s most popular bookstore.

One of the advantages of being in the Kindle store is that the number of competing books is smaller, which can give you an edge in getting found. Right now there are about 720,000 Kindle listings vs. 14 million print book listings. Although many of the printed books listed on Amazon are out of print, that’s still a big difference.

What’s changed and what remains the same

Promoting e-books is similar to online promotion for printed books. Marketing tactics such as blogging, social networking, guest posting on other blogs, virtual book tours, online book reviews, videos, and joint ventures can all be used in promoting Kindle ebooks. Be sure to add a link to your Kindle e-book sales page on your network profiles, websites, email signature and other places online.

Kindle e-book promotion can also be done directly on the website.

The first step in promoting Kindle e-books is to include important keywords in your book’s title and subtitle, to help your book get found by people who are doing keyword searches in the Kindle store.

As you are submitting the e-book to Amazon, be sure to enter keywords in the keyword field and also select the most appropriate book categories. It’s also important to write a strong book description that includes keywords.

Keeping your Kindle e-book up to date

If you want to make changes after publishing your Kindle e-book, it’s far easier to update Kindle e-book data than it is for printed books on the Amazon website. Just log onto your Kindle publishing account to edit your book description, add keywords or categories, or upload an improved book cover. You can even add or change the book’s subtitle, or change the list price to react to competitors or to test different price points.

Kindle e-book pages include the “tags” feature that allows shoppers to assign keyword tags to items on These tags help customers who are doing keyword searches on Amazon find relevant books. You can tag your Kindle e-book with important keywords and also ask fans and colleagues to enter tags.

Reader reviews

Readers can also post reviews of Kindle e-books on the Amazon site. Whenever someone comments favorably on your book, invite them to post a review! Make it easy for them by providing a link to your e-book’s sales page on Amazon.

Amazon’s Look Inside program is not available for Kindle e-books, but shoppers in the Kindle store can download a free excerpt showing the first few pages of any book.

Because shoppers will see only the first few pages of your book in the sample, it’s a good idea reduce the amount of “front matter” at the beginning of your Kindle book, so that the table of contents and/or first chapter appears within the first few pages.

Other promotional options on Amazon

Kindle publishers can also take advantage of other e-book promotion opportunities on, such as reviewing other products, enhancing their profile and author page on Amazon, and conducting Amazon bestseller campaigns. Authors and publishers can even earn referral fees for promoting Kindle ebook readers and Kindle ebooks through the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

Promoting a Kindle e-book isn’t so different from promoting a printed book:

Develop a promotional plan, prioritize your tasks, and get it done!

Excerpted from How to Sell More Books on Amazon, by book marketing coach Dana Lynn Smith. This new e-book, available in both PDF and Kindle format, outlines strategies for boosting visibility on, increasing sales, and improving profits. For more book marketing tips, follow @BookMarketer on Twitter and get Dana’s free Top Book Marketing Tips e-book at

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  1. Dana Lynn Smith
    December 8, 2010

    Roger, thanks so much for hosting my book tour on your outstanding blog.

  2. Roger C. Parker
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    And, thank you, Dana for sharing so much valuable information in your blog, and in your great new e-book!

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