Learn how to learn better writing & presenting skills at TED.com – free call

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Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend a free call where I’ll share tips for improving your writing and presenting skills by studying the more than 700 world-class videos at TED.com.

Writing and presenting skills are your keys to writing and marketing a book to build your personal brand. The videos available at www.TED.com provide a unique free opportunity to watch leading presenters share their knowledge and passions.

Personal branding in 18 minutes

The TED.com videos provide world-class examples of how to engage an audience and establish a memorable brand in just 18 minutes.

Think of the challenge imposed by the 18-minute presentation limit!

During the call, I’ll share ideas for setting up a system for analyzing and tracking the lessons you learn by watching the TED.com videos and downloading their audio and video podcasts.

The lessons you can learn at TED.com can help you improve your writing and presentation skills, helping you make the most of your opportunities to write and present.

To attend my Learn how to Learn at TED.com call on Tuesday, November 16, at 4:00 PM EST. The call is open to all. There will be free handouts. The call also offers you an opportunity to share your favorite TED.com learning tips and favorite videos. To attend, call 218-486-1616 and enter PIN 513391#.

improve your writing and presenting skills by studying more than 700 world-class videos

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