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frey-chuck-ab-size-spcefour5Wednesday’s promoting tip for authors

When adding graphics to blogs, simple design details can help your blog project an brand-building professional image, as shown in the example at left, from Chuck Frey’s Mindmapping Software Blog.

As you’ll see when you click the image at left, consistent image sizing and spacing helps Chuck’s blog project a professional image.

Image placement

First, notice that images are consistently placed to the right of the text.

Image spacing

Next, as shown by the “A” rectangle and arrow, each of the graphic images is separated from the text by a generous and consistent amount of white space.

Image size

Finally, notice the “B” rectangle and arrow, emphasizing that all images are the same width, even though the height of the images varies depending on the size of the original image.

The payoff

Together, the consistent image placement, image spacing, and image width add order to the page, projecting a professional, we pay attention to the details, image.

Consistent image placement, image spacing, and width work, together to visually reinforce the blog’s brand as a credible source of information.

By the way, as you may have noticed on my blog, I usually place my graphics flush-left, and I have standardized on two image sizes: 2 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches wide.

What about you?

How do you handle graphics added to blog posts? Do you use consistent image placement, spacing, and width to project a refined, professional image? Do you think your market notices this attention to detail? Can you recommend other simple graphic design techniques to project a professional image and brand? Share your ideas and examples as comments, below.

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