Write your book with MindManager 9 – Plan, Schedule, & Track Your Progress in 1 Mind Map!

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mm9-gant-map-four-5Tuesday’s writing tip for authors

Mindjet’s Manager 9 transforms the way you’ll write your book by allowing you to plan, schedule, and track your writing progress in a single mind map.

Project management for writers is finally here!

Now, the same mind mapping software program that I’ve been using and encouraging my book coaching clients to brainstorm and organize ideas, create book proposals, and planned detailed tables of contents can also be used to schedule and track your progress as you write your book!

As the example above shows, (or, you can download a large PDF of the MindManager image), Mindjet’s MindManager 9 displays not only the sections and chapters of your book, and the main ideas included, but you can see at a glance what’s already been written, and what remains to be written!

Mindjet’s MindManager 9 permits you to add task icons to each chapter. These display:

  • Starting date for each chapter.
  • Due date for each chapter.
  • Status, or percentage of work completed. A check mark shows completion, an empty box indicates that work hasn’t begun, and a half-filled in box displays that the chapter is 50% completed.

If you’re working with a co-author, you can use MindManager’s resources to indicate which chapters you’re responsible for, which chapters are your co-author’s responsibility!

10-08-30-gang-button-two-5Gant charting–the big news

The big news, of course, is MindManager 9′s built-in Gantt charting capability: after adding starting dates and completion dates to each chapter, simply click the Gantt button, shown at left, and MindManager 9 adds a timeline beneath the mind map, providing an overall look at your book and your progress on each chapter.

At a glance, you can see not only see what’s been done, but also what remains to be done, and when it’s due!


Like previous versions of MindManager, you can filter the contents of your mind map.

Filtering permits you to display:

  • Only completed chapters and topics, so you can track your progress.
  • Just unfinished chapters and topics, so you can schedule your work.
  • Overdue chapters and topics, i.e., chapters and topics falling behind schedule.

If you’re working with others, you can also indicate just the chapters and topics you’re responsible for, or only display the chapters and topics your co-author is responsible for completing.

Time management is a crucial skill for authors…

…and few authors have the time or resources to devote to purchasing and mastering dedicated project management software. Yet, all types of writing and marketing require making decisions and allocating scarce time resources, as you can see in my 5-part Managing Content with a Dashboard series on the Mindjet Blog.

With MindManager 9, however, the same mind mapping software you can use to plan your book proposal and organize the contents of your book can be used to schedule and track your writing progress! By simplifying project management for authors, MindManager 9 makes a major contribution to planning and completing your book on schedule. Download a trial version of MindManager 9 today!

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