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Banner graphics are one of the best ways you can promote and sell your upcoming events on your blog and website.

Created far enough ahead of an event, a professionally-created banner graphic can be displayed on your site for 60-90 days before your event.

The example to the left, found on Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing website shows several banner graphic best practices at work.

Essentials of effective banner graphics

To succeed in selling your upcoming events, your banner graphics must tell the whole story at a glance. At a glance, your website visitors must be able to answer questions like who, what, when, where, why, and how.

To accomplish this in a limited space, it’s important that your banner uses type and color to create a clear message hierarchy that guides your visitor’s eyes through the banner.

In Jay’s example, notice how the designer used different typefaces, type sizes, and colors to group the various categories of information together in a logical way.

  • Starting at the top, you learn who and what; it’s a Guerrilla Marketing event and it’s a world tour.
  • Immediately below that,  you learn where it’s taking place and when it’s taking place.
  • Next, a brief paragraph of centered text set in white explains why you should attend, i.e., it’s a 3-day event and it’s a chance of a lifetime.
  • More why details follow, i.e., the specific dates for Jay’s visit to each country.
  • Finally, there’s a how call to action; what to do to learn more, i.e., e-mail Jay’s daughter, Amy.

Additional design challenges

One of the final lessons taught by the above graphic is the way the graphic stands out from the other text and graphic elements on the Guerrilla Marketing site, yet maintains the iconic Guerrilla Marketing theme and colors.

The banner is a self-contained graphic element, with its own image and story, yet it doesn’t clash with the overall site theme. Notice how the banner has its own background to set it apart from the site’s white background.

The rewards of quality

As you can see, even a relatively simple banner graphic for a specific event can benefit from a professional touch. The banner contains a lot of text, and communicates everything it needs to communicate, yet it doesn’t look cramped or cluttered. As a result, the graphic projects a professional image that not only sells Jay’s World Tour, but reinforces the Guerrilla Marketing brand. Even in a “do it yourself” blog-based online world, there are times when it pays to invest in professional design.

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