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stefanie-guzikowski-one5Learn how to tap into your passion, and combine it with the latest social marketing tools, on the next Guerrilla Marketing Association call when I interview Stefanie Guzikowski, Chief Passion Officer for EG PublicRelations.

Stefanie enjoys a privileged perspective on the challenges that individuals are facing as many long-standing public relations approaches are being displaced by today’s new Web 2.0 social media.

Stefanie is right in the middle of the changes in media and technique that are taking place, and she’ll be sharing her insights with Guerrilla Marketing Association members on Wednesday, August 4, at 7:00 PM EST. Among the topics we’ll be discussing when I inter view:

  • What has changed, and what hasn’t changed in press and public relations?
  • How do the rules for dealing with the press remain the same, or differ, from previous rules?
  • What can business owners do on their own, and what should they delegate to experts?
  • What are the steps involved in harnessing the power of passion for social marketing success?
  • What should entrepreneurs and business owners look for and expect when dealing with public relations professionals?

Stefanie wants to help authors and entrepreneurs embrace change and adapt to new ways of writing and promoting their books, products, and services to successfully take advantage of new opportunities in this new era.

Why you should attend this teleseminar interview

Stefanie Guzikowski is Chief Passion Officer for, a firm with extensive experience helping businesses embrace change and technology in order to accommodate the changes taking place in marketing today.

Our Guerrilla Marketing Association call takes place Wednsday, August 4, at 7:00 PM EST. Visit the Guerrilla Marketing Association website to learn more about its membes and how to attend this call. Or, e-mail me and I’ll offer you a one-time guest pass.

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