Tips for a simple but effective 1-page website design

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denise-1-screen-homefour5Wednesday’s Promoting tip for authors

Authors looking for website design tips for creating¬† simple, but effective, 1-page websites to sell more books and back-end profits can learn a lot from Denise Wakeman’s Business Blog Mastery.

As you’ll see when you visit,¬† the key site elements include a banner with Denise’s “signature” photograph and benefit-oriented tagline, a headline with an obvious promise, and an offer to sign-up to view her video.

All of the above is surrounded by plenty of white space, which provides an oasis from the clutter characteristic of many web sites.

This type of site stands out because of its simplicity.

Squeeze pages

This type of site is called a squeeze page. It focuses visitor attention on taking the website owner’s most desired action. Note the lack of links to other pages, or anything that would detract visitors from taking the desired action, i.e., submitting their name and e-mail address.

It’s success depends on the quality of its execution, the perceived value of the promised benefit, and (in many cases) works best when visitors may be already familiar with the website owner’s qualifications.

What a similar site work for you?

Have you ever thought about replacing, or supplementing, your current website with a similar, focused, 1-page site? What would you have to do to make Denise’s idea work for you? How can you translate the basic text and graphic elements of Denise Wakeman’s site into a similar site for yourself? What are the lessons that this site teaches you? Did I overlook any lessons? Share your comments and questions as comments, below.

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