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increaseonlinerev-four-5Thursday’s profit tip for authors

Increase Online is a subscription, or membership, site that practices what it preaches, offering members access to hundreds of profit building ideas, strategies, and tips.

The site demonstrates many Internet marketing best practices at work, for example:

  1. SEO-friendly URL. One of the most important lessons the Increase Online Profits site teaches is the importance of choosing a web site address that mimics the terms searchers use when searching for information. Increase online profits is a popular search term, and this site shows up at the top of Google’s organic search results.
  2. Benefit headline. The site’s promise is concisely expressed in a one-line trademarked headline that clearly explains who is going to make more money, i.e., members.
  3. Dual-purpose graphics. The big story on the Increase Online Profits home page, of course, are the 3 Attract, Retain, Convert, graphics. These not only visually explain how the site helps members increase their profits, but also serve as navigation shortcuts that help visitors locate more information without scrolling.

When visitors click on one of the Attract, Retain, or Convert graphics, the 4 above-the-fold, or first screen/home page,  summary statements are replaced with text describing the relevance of the resources offered in each category.

The 3 Attract, Retain, Convert graphics engage the visitors and get them started reading the “how” copy without needing to leave the home page or scrolling down (until after they’ve started reading the text.)

Notice how nice it is to learn more without leaving the home page, by clicking Retain and Convert, after reading the Attract information.

Making the sale on the home page

Obviously, the most desired action on the Increase Online Profits home page is to persuade as many visitors to take advantage of the site’s $1, 21-Day Trial Membership Offer. Accordingly,

  • Upper left. Eye-tracking studies have shown that visitors begin their travel through a web page at the upper left of the screen. This is where the first link to the $1 21-day trial offer appears.
  • Multiple links.  In addition, multiple links to the $1 21-day trial offer appear in the text that appears when visitors click the Attract, Retain, Convert graphics.

The upper-left link to the $1 21-day Trial Membership Offer offer remains visible as visitors explore the site’s sample content.

Likewise, the sign-up form for the Internet Online Profits Insider News newsletter remains visible throughout the visitor’s tour of the site, encouraging sign-up at the exact moment when visitor resistance has been overcome.


Clearly, Increase Online Profits is an authority site that practices what it preaches; it’s goal is to help its members increase their profits through the use of purposeful text and graphics. As shown above, the home page is designed to focus attention on the site’s “process,” encouraging visitors to become engaged signing up for the site’s $1, 21-day Trial Membership Offer. As such, the site demonstrates numerous ideas and tips that authors and publishers can use to increase their own online profits. What do you think? What’s the biggest lesson you learned by visiting the site? Share your comments and impressions as comments, below.

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