Cash flow ideas for authors and info-marketers from Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, & Robert Skrob

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kenn-glaz-get-rich-infotwoThursday’s profit tip for authors

Monthly cash flow is a perennial problem for authors and information marketers, but Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Robert Skrob’s The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing offers help by describing how authors and information marketers can offer more than just information.

Today’s readers want more

In the second chapter, Step 2: The Business of Selling Paper and Ink, there is a discussion of changing reader needs, in particular, the need for automatic implementation products. The authors describe the trend towards greater assistance during the last 30 years:

  1. 1975. Taking business to consumers newsletters as an example, information marketers profited from selling “how to” guides for publishing newsletters.
  2. 1985. In 1985, readers needed more, they needed help putting advice to work. Information marketers responded by offering created workbooks and fill-in-the-blank newsletter templates.
  3. 1995. Profitable information marketers began providing actual, ready to mail, newsletters each month, ready for business owners to drop in their name, print, and mail.
  4. 2005. Now, progressive information marketers are not only providing content for business-to-consumer newsletters, they’re also maintaining their client’s mailing lists, printing the newsletters, and mailing the newsletters.

Benefits of offering implementation

dan-kennedy-glaz-skr-twoWhat kinds of profit opportunities are available for authors and information marketers who offer readers monthly help implementing their advice?

The answer is startlingly simple; as Robert Skrob, author of Chapter 2 and President of the Information Marketing Association, describes it:

…these products create customers who pay every month for the service!

Monthly profit-generating purchases are far preferable than customers who only pay every few years for a new manual and audio program. Other examples of automatically implemented products that information marketers can sell include online staff training systems, so managers can let an online computer program train, test, and evaluate their employees.


“Think big!” is an often over-used term. However, after exploring the numerous marketing case studies, examples, ideas, resources, and tips described in the book and its companion InfoMarketingBook website, Think big! takes on a new meaning. If you’re an author looking for monthly cash flow and profits beyond the book sale, ask yourself: “Am I offering my readers all the resources they need to profit from my ideas?” Your chance to build a million dollar business in a year–or, at least, give your business a shot in the arm–may be as simple as looking for the obstacles your readers are experiencing implementing your ideas…and devising cost-effective ways you can help them every month!

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