Tips for creating author one sheets to attract speaking invitations

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bud-6-one-sheets-five-5Thursday’s profit tip for authors

Authors, coaches, and consultants can learn how to create one-sheets to attract speaking invitations by visiting Bud Bilanich’s Common Sense Guy website.

When you visit, select Speaking, One sheets from the pull-down navigation bar. You can then download any, or all, of Bud’s speaker one sheets.

Profit from the power of clarity and consistency

As you can see from the example at the top of the page, or from the downloaded samples, Bud’s one sheets do 2 things:

  • Complete story. Each of his one sheets tells a complete story about one of his keynote speaking and workshop topics.
  • Professional image. Bud’s one sheets project a professional image. based one a restrained use of color and plenty of white space. Each one sheet can be read at a glance.
  • Consistency. The one sheets share a strong family resemblance. Each includes the same 2 photographs, and each uses a screened fill on the left to draw attention. The same typeface formatting is used for the title and list of attendee benefits.

Published and Profitable members can access a more detailed analysis of Bud Bilanich’s speaker one sheets from a new article just added to Published & Profitable’s member area. Read more about Bud in these related posts: The 7 Essentials of author profitability, Part 1: Clarity and The 7 Essentials of author profitability, Part 2: Creativity.


  1. JuleS
    August 29, 2010

    Where are the examples promised in the article from which I clicked through to this one? If they are supposed to be the ones in the graphic at the top — how do you expect anyone to be able to read them?

  2. Roger C. Parker
    August 30, 2010

    Dear Julie:
    I apologize for the confusion. Bud’s site seems to have changed. Here are links to Bud’s very well done one sheets:

    These one sheets are provided as pdf’s – right click and Save As on the link to download the document.

    Astonishing Good Leadership
    Common Sense but Powerful Concepts on What it Takes to be a Great Leader
    Beyond Lombardi and Auerbach
    Common Sense Ideas for Building and Maintaining a High Performing Team
    Common Sense Ideas that Will Make you a Change Master
    Star Power
    Common Sense Tips for Becoming a Star in your Career
    Old School
    Common Sense Tips for Making Yourself a Winner by Looking and Acting Like One
    What Every Executive and Entrepreneur Needs to Know
    Common Sense Secrets for Building and Running a Successful Business

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