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reed-will-colmns-longthree5Wednesday’s marketing and promoting tip for authors

The best way to become a well-known, well-paid writer is to study how others have developed their writing skills and built a strong following by writing every week.

Writing is the key to becoming a well-known, well-paid writer!

One of the best examples is William Reed. Will is about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the weekly Creative Career Path column he writes every week for Click the image on the left to access his current Energy Dynamics column and previous columns.

The online ezine has a circulation of 40,000, plus an additional 3,500 copies circulated to human resource professionals.

Will Reed’s column is also syndicated in Japan’s largest daily English language paper, the DAILY YOMIURI, which has an additional circulation of 38,000!

All told, Will’s column goes out each week to over 80,000 people. And he frequently links to it from his blog and his website.

Where does he find the time?

Like all of us, Will Reed’s day is limited to just 24 hours, and he doesn’t possess magical writing skills.

But, he finds the time because it’s important to him and is an important part of his writing.

And, like others have found, he enjoys the process of constant discovery that writing provides. As he put it: It has been fairly easy to maintain the schedule because I enjoy it, I’ve gotten into a routine writing on Sundays, and it provides constant nutrients for my talks and marketing, as well as content for Social Media.

The above quote contains several key ideas:

  1. Commitment and habit. Will typically prepares his columns on Sundays.
  2. Enjoyment. He finds it “fairly easy to maintain the schedule” because he enjoys the results. Will is continually challenging (and, hence, improving) his writing ability plus enjoying the process of writing to discover.
  3. Leveraging. Note Will’s use of the term, “constant nutrients,” to describe the way he expands on ideas that originate in his column in his social media marketing.

Quality not quantity

Each column contains between 600 and 700 words. This forces him to squeeze the most meaning out of every word, sentence, and paragraph. (Which contributes to on-going improves in his writing.)

Will learned to write-to-fit by being an early  adopter of my One-Page Newsletter program.

Benefits of the weekly column

“I’ve found it to be a powerful branding tool”

When asked about what he’s getting out of the column, Will replied:  “It is not paid work, but the benefits in exposure and constant content generation have been huge.” He continues:

  • It has also enhanced my ability to speak on a range of topics, even when asked to speak on the spot. This is because I have a constant stream of fresh topics on my mind.
  • I frequently print out copies of the PDF with the layout in the newspaper, which I use as handouts in seminars or for marketing.
  • The main thing is that it gives people a chance to see my content and style, and creates confidence and results that are not based on persuasion or direct selling.

The “big question”…

The only question that remains, if you want to become a better-known, better-paid writer, is: “What’s your equivalent of Will’s column?” Where can you write a weekly column that will provide you with the incentive you need to continually explore new ideas and improve your writing…while building your brand to your most desired target market?  Take the time to brainstorm some options and content ideas, and share your ideas as comments, below. And, please share the stories of other authors and subject area experts who have used weekly columns to become better known and better paid writers.

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