Aaron Shepard’s author profit tips for print on demand self-publishing

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pod-for-profit-two-5Thursday’s profit tip for authors

Authors interested in exploring the world of print on demand self-publishing should study Aaron Shepard’s new POD for Profit: More on the NEW Business of Self Publishing.

Subtitled, How to Publish Your Books With Online Book Marketing and Print on Demand by Lightning Source, authors will find the information they need to decide if self-publishing and print on demand technology make sense for them.

POD for Profit includes 287 pages of attractively-formatted advice, plus a detailed 10-page index that makes it easy to locate desired information.

A leading voice in self-publishing

Aaron Shepard is no stranger to self-publishing. He’s been doing it for the earliest days, dividing his time between his own publishing projects and showing others how to profit from self-publishing.

His hands-on experience makes him the perfect mentor for authors looking for advice in the nuances of the “inventory-free alternative” to trade publishing.

One of the things that sets Aaron Shepard apart is his focus on his own publishing projects; he doesn’t offer paid coaching or consulting. As a result, he speaks from hands-on experience, without a “hidden agenda.”

aiming-at-amazon-two-fiveAiming at Amazon

If Aaron’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s also the author of one of my favorite books, Aiming at Amazon: The NEW Business of Self Publishing, or How to Publish Your Books with Print on Demand and Online Book Marketing on Amazon.com.

Aiming at Amazon is one of my most often recommended books for authors and clients. It’s the book that I used when creating my author page and blog at Amazon.com.

Details, resources, and stories

As readers of his previous books and self-publishing blog know, Aaron is detail-driven. He explores the nuts and bolts of self-publishing issues in exacting detail, backed-up with specific resource recommendations and user stories. Like Aiming at Amazon, Aaron begins POD for Profit begins by describing the context of authors, publishers, and advancing technology, then moves on to describe the specific steps authors need to take to get their book written, formatted, and noticed online. If you’re seriously considering self-publishing options, you’ll want to take the time to read this POD for Profit before making a decision.

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