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jane-atkinson-home-four-5Wednesday’s marketing and promotion tip for authors

Jane Atkinson’s Speaker Launcher website demonstrates how to tell a story and engage prospects using a 1-screen home page.

In just 1 deceptively-simple screen, Jane Atkinson’s home page establishes a brand, offers a list-building incentive, introduces her products and services, and–most important–provides multiple visitor engagement options.

Personalization and visitor self-qualification

I’m especially impressed by the way she makes it possible for visitors to indicate their level of experience, and–hence–the message she delivers.

  • I am a new speaker… When visitors select the first option, they’re taken to a page that begins: Dear New Speaker which contains introductory information that would otherwise clutter the home page.  The first paragraph contains a sentence that shows her understanding plus builds her credibility:  But I’ve been in your shoes, helping speakers get started and I know I can help you shave some time and money off of the learning curve.
  • I have been speaking for awhile…. When visitors select this option, the message they read begins Dear Advanced Speaker. Notice how the page begins with an empathetic statement that summarizes the attitude of many who want to take their careers to the next level, …more bookings…..FASTER! Does that sound familiar?

Targeted copy like the above contributes to her brand the same way the colors, information layering, and layout of the home page project a friendly, optimistic, and professional image.

jane-atkinson-blog-ban-five Copy & design details

As you explore Jane’s site, you’ll find many other examples of careful copy and design.

For example, notice how, on the inside pages of her site, the header banner is replaced by a narrower one that, nevertheless, maintains the flavor of the larger header banner found on the home page.

Design Once, Produce Often

One of my favorite mantras, elaborated in my Design to Sell book and website, is Design Once, Produce Often. Jane Atkinson’s Speaker Launcher is an excellent example of investing in a signature photograph and a website design, backed-up by a blog with frequently-updated, relevant content. It’s a great example of what can be done.

How do I find examples of websites like this?

In this case, I discovered Jane Atkinsons 1-screen home page while exploring the authors and publishing authorities that Stephanie Chandler has gathered together for her 2010 Nonfiction Writer’s Conference. The 2010 Nonfiction Writer’s Conference takes place online, April 28-30. Stephanie has organized 18 top authors and social marketers for 3-days of intense training in writing and marketing–including Jane Atkinson and myself. Click here for more information and early-bird registration savings.

NOTE: if you know another 1-screen home page website as well planned and executed as Jane Atkinson’s Speaker Launcher, please let me know as a comment, below. We should all share inspiring ideas and resources.


  1. Jane Atkinson
    March 10, 2010

    Roger, I’m blushing. I appreciate your kind analysis!

    Jane Atkinson
    Author, The Wealthy Speaker

  2. Roger C. Parker
    March 10, 2010

    Dear Jane:
    Thanks for teaching us how it should be done! Beautiful execution.

    Love the “Speaker Launcher” brand and URL–a topic for a follow-up post!


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